Budget guns

Money is a funny thing. For some, dropping $500 or $600 on a new gun doesn’t begin to put a dent in their bank accounts. Meanwhile, others agonize over spending $150 on self protection. We at everyoneneedsagun.com believe what our URL says…everyone. While we strongly suggest buying the best gun you can afford, we understand […]

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Self Defense Insurance

First of all, let me give full disclosure. If you click on the link in this blog and buy the insurance, I will get a 15 percent commission. So, I am not hiding anything or trying to trick you. So you’ve shot someone, maybe even killed them. Now what? You get to go home, watch […]

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To stop or not to stop

Perhaps you’ve been in this situation before, or maybe you haven’t. The other day I was driving down I-85 in Charlotte when I came upon a pretty serious accident. A car was on the side of the road laying on its roof. No one from emergency services had arrived but there were at least eight […]

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You never know, so be prepared

What started out as a normal morning turned chaotic quickly. I usually leave my house around 5:40 in the morning to go to work and today was no different, except for a small detour to the garbage bin. As I was walking toward the bin I noticed the third-floor balcony and outside storage closet in […]

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Coming soon

We are in the process of updating our logo and website to give our readers a more enjoyable and interactive experience at ENAG. Please excuse our mess as we make this transition. In the meantime, be sure to like us on facebook.

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