Is it time to stop buying more guns?

It’s automatic;  Mass shooting——politicians start talking about more gun control–people panic—–mad rush on “scary guns”—-“scary guns” sell out or prices are marked up. The most recent shooting (as of this post) in Orlando was no exception. ARs and the parts to complete AR builds are flying off the shelf, despite the fact that there’s little to no chance of more gun control laws being passed as long as we have a GOP controlled senate and house (remember that during the upcoming elections). Still, the fear compels gun owners to buy one (or more) AR just in case.

My question; do you actually know how to use the AR(s) you already have? Sure, you know how to stand in a bay and shoot paper targets over and over, but do you really know how to run it if you have to go beyond the paper? My suggestion; instead of running out to buy another gun when there’s a mass shooting and gun control push, use that money to buy more ammo and more importantly enroll in a class (basic or advanced) that will teach you how to use your AR(s). You are arming yourself because you fear you won’t have that option later and/or you want to be ready just in case. Part of being ready is putting a pause on buying more guns and becoming proficient with the ones you already own. The person who is proficient with one gun is more valuable than the one with 15 guns that they have no idea how to use.

The answer to the original question; for some of you, yes, it is time to stop buying and start training. However, for others, you need to buy something. I don’t care what, just buy something. Afterall, everyone needs a gun.


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