Don’t sink to their level

The Fox News alert came to my phone; shooting at UCLA. “Here we go again”, I thought. Just a few days later, as I awoke on a Sunday morning, a similar alert was sitting in my notification center; “Shooting in Orlando”.  Here we go again with the gun debates, the push for more (ineffective) gun control, people panicking and buying out AR-15s and .223 ammunition, social media posts full of memes for and against gun control… we go again with media plastering the mass killer’s face all over the 24 hour news cycle all while ignoring the victims. Here we go again with journalist showing their ignorance when it comes to guns (they didn’t disappoint this time around…bruised shoulders and temporary PTSD.).

One complaint I see consistently from pro-2A people is how those in favor of gun control start pushing their agenda before the bodies are removed from the scene. While true, our side isn’t innocent of doing the same thing. Before the bodies turn cold, there are memes all over facebook and instagram pushing our own “good guy with a gun” narrative. While there are plenty of stories documenting good guys with guns saving lives, I personally don’t believe throwing these stories out as an “I told you so” minutes after a mass shooting is appropriate. Neither side should use dead bodies as a platform and neither side should engage in these debates minutes after the shootings. Emotions are too raw in the aftermath to engage in these debates. Don’t sink to the level of anti-gunners. Let the victims’ families mourn. Don’t use their pain and suffering as a vehicle to push more people to arm themselves. People who have the ability to use logic and reasoning will understand the need to protect themselves without our memes. Those who function (if they function) on emotion will continue to live in naivety and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I’ve said it before and I think it’s time we apply this to the debate when it comes to anti-gunners. Ignore them and leave them behind. Their opinion simply doesn’t matter.



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