How to really curb “gun violence”

On December 24, 2015 at a mall in Charlotte, NC (a mall my family frequently visits) 18 year old Daquan Westbrook was shot and killed by an off duty officer. According to various reports, two groups of people were arguing and Westbrook pulled his gun and starting firing. (Side note: the store where this took place is right beside the playground. One can toss a baseball from one side of the playground into the store, with no effort).  He was told to drop his weapon and did not comply, so he was shot (7 or 8 times) and killed.

Daquan Westbrook shouldn’t be dead. At least not  because of “gun violence” (I am being liberal with the phrase). He and so many like him should not be dead. They should be in prison. In July of 2014, Westbrook shot a 12 year old in the leg. His punishment? Non existent. I know this, because less than 18 months later, instead of sitting in a prison, serving significant time for shooting a child, Westbrook was walking around Northlake Mall firing his gun with no regard for the lives of the children on the playground just a few feet away. I don’t know if Westbrook could have turned his life around behind bars. Some become more hardened criminals, some are actually able to rehabilitate and rejoin civilization as a changed man/woman. Westbrook will not get that chance because the justice system, for whatever reason, said “you shot a kid, oh well” and let him go free to continue engaging in his violent lifestyle.

If you really want to curb gun violence (and all violence) then start putting violent criminals in jail and leave them there. Start prosecuting these cases, stop letting them plea out, stop slapping them on the wrist. Put those responsible for “gun” violence behind bars and stop punishing law abiding citizens. Taking away my AR does nothing to curb it. Putting violent criminals in prison will curb it.

So stop blaming NRA members, stop blaming guns, stop with the background checks and the executive actions that will do absolutely nothing to prevent these things. Put violent criminals in jail for a long long time and I guarantee these “gun violence” numbers will plummet.


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