John Piper is very stupid or is a liar

In case you missed it, former Bethlehem Baptist Church preacher and a mega pastor in his own right (he’s famous in the world of Evangelical Christians) John Piper made some comments about carrying weapons (guns) and self defense.  I’ll save you the trouble of reading the article. His answer; don’t. Don’t carry a gun, don’t defend yourself, don’t fight back, just lay down and take your beating (or killing) because that’s what Jesus would do. He even goes as far as suggesting that we shouldn’t even call the police for protection. His position is it up to God and His appointed government to protect us. He supports his position by cherry picking verses that display a kind, meek, “soft” Jesus, sort of like those pictures you see on the walls of your grandma’s Sunday School class.

I expect anti gun rhetoric out of liberals and the ignorant. I laugh it off and go on with life because their opinions do not matter. However, when I hear Christian leaders tell the flock to just accept their fate as victims and do nothing, I cringe. Yes, Jesus was (is) peaceful and meek, but make no mistake, he is a warrior (Exodus 15:3….look at that, I can cherry pick verses too!) and He never commands us to be doormats or victims. He does promise us something great on the other side if we meet such an ill fate, but he doesn’t demand that we be willing victims to terrorism or a random act of violence.

So back to the story title, John Piper is either stupid or a liar. I don’t know where (or if) Piper preaches now. He may have retired from full time preaching. With this article, he announced to every terrorist and jihadist out there that wherever he’s preaching there won’t be an armed resistance (or any resistance) if they choose to attack. He’s put everyone around him in danger……or, he’s a liar and is surrounded by a security team who are ready and willing to get as violent as possible to keep him safe.

I have some questions; Is Piper ok with church security teams? Should churches lock their doors when no one is there? If someone steals some computer or money hidden in the church doesn’t that mean Jesus thought they needed it more than the church? Why depend on locks to protect church property, Mr. Piper? Won’t God protect it? Isn’t it up to his appointed government to keep it all safe. If someone burglarizes our church, is it ok to call the cops so they can take a report, Mr. Piper?

Of course it’s reasonable to keep locks on doors in order to keep our stuff (church or personal stuff) safe. My life is more valuable than the AV equipment in my church, so I will protect it, even if it means killing someone who wants to kill me (or my family). If you choose not to do the same, that’s your prerogative, but don’t you dare bring your cherry picked verses and your image of a weakened Jesus to the table while you push gun control. He isn’t a pawn to be used to push your agenda, Mr. Piper.

I strongly suggest Mr. Piper (and you) read Charl Van Wyk’s Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self Defense.


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