Budget guns

Money is a funny thing. For some, dropping $500 or $600 on a new gun doesn’t begin to put a dent in their bank accounts. Meanwhile, others agonize over spending $150 on self protection. We at everyoneneedsagun.com believe what our URL says…everyone. While we strongly suggest buying the best gun you can afford, we understand sometimes that means looking more toward “cheap” guns for self defense. Our list will include long guns and handguns and our goal is to keep the price well below $400 (please note, these prices are accurate as of this post…..prices are subject to change).

These are in random order.

Diamondback FS9


This full size pistol holds 15+1 rounds of 9mm, is big enough to get the job done, but still slim enough to conceal. These pistols can be had for as low as $259 brand new. An excellent choice for a first pistol if you’re on a budget. Actually, it’s an excellent choice even if you aren’t on a budget.

Smith & Wesson SD9VE


These had a bad rep when they were first released, mainly because of the trigger, but S&W has made some major improvements on this handgun. Like the Diamondback, this holds 15+1 of 9mm and is big enough to fight with and small enough to carry relatively comfortably. This one goes for anywhere from $289 to $329. Academy Sports often has this one close to the $289 mark.

Hi-Point C9


What’s a budget gun list without a Hi-Point? Yes, they are cheap. Yes, they are ugly. Yes, gun snobs will look down on you. Yes, they are a pain to clean and maintain. Yes, a Hi-Point will likely need to be replaced way before other more quality guns.  Yes, they are awkward. But the main “yes”, when you pull the trigger, it will go “bang” and in a self defense situation that’s all that matters. The Hi-Point C9 holds 8+1 in 9mm (10 round mags are also available) and can be had for $150 to $180. You may even be able to find a quality used one for $120 or so. For those of you who are really on a budget, don’t look past this option. The Hi-Point gives those on a stricter budget (nice way of saying low income) the opportunity to defend their lives if needed. The Hi-Point is a gun you buy while you save up for the gun you really want. Once you’ve saved for that gun, you can sell your HP.

Maverick 88 by Mossberg 


For many, the 12 Gauge shotgun is the go to for home defense. They are easy to operate and if you buy the right ammunition, wall penetration in your home isn’t as much as an issue as it can be with other firearms. The Maverick, as it comes from the store, holds 5 +1 rounds and can be purchased for $179-$199. Please note, we wouldn’t suggest Vice President Joe Biden’s recipe for self defense with one of these things.

Sccy CPX-2


Sccy is relatively new to the market, but they are making a lot of noise with this compact pistol. The CPX-2 holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm and can be found for $250-$270. For those of you familiar with the size of the Glock 26, this pistol is comparable. Along with the great price, this pistol comes in a variety of colors, so you aren’t limited to black and/or steel.

Police Trade ins

police trade

“Old” police guns can be a real bargain when you find one. These guns are well maintained and are hardly ever fired. Other than holster wear and scratches, they practically function as brand new. Quality firearms that usually cost $500-$600 can be had for $350 and are a great option for anyone on a budget.


4 thoughts on “Budget guns

  1. Canik TP9. Seriously amazing pistol at the price. I understand you are listing ones you know, but this pistol is amazing. About $320 new and compares well to the Gen 4 Glock.

    Also try out Bersa Thunders. Basically a well built a PPK-ish pistol.


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