Self Defense Insurance

First of all, let me give full disclosure.

If you click on the link in this blog and buy the insurance, I will get a 15 percent commission. So, I am not hiding anything or trying to trick you.

So you’ve shot someone, maybe even killed them. Now what? You get to go home, watch your heroic actions on TV and receive praise and adoration for killing a worthless thug, right?  WRONG.

If you’re lucky, you will spend a couple of hours at the police station waiting for your attorney so you can make a statement. You’ll make that statement, everyone will agree it was justified and then you’ll go home. Minus a few minor details, your situation is over and you can go on with life.

But if you aren’t so lucky, the DA may decide something isn’t right about your situation and decide to either press charges or bring your case to a grand jury who may decide to bring charges. You go to trial, you’re out of work…..hopefully you’ll be acquitted.

In both of these scenarios you’ll need an attorney. In fact, any time you defend your life and the other person ends up dead you will need an attorney. You have two choices; take the risk and if something happens pay out of pocket (anywhere from $10,000 to $1 million) or pay $13 a month and have one less thing to worry about.

I’ve been a member of USCCA for a year now and am very pleased. They also throw in a very informative magazine every month to go along with your membership.


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