To stop or not to stop

Perhaps you’ve been in this situation before, or maybe you haven’t. The other day I was driving down I-85 in Charlotte when I came upon a pretty serious accident. A car was on the side of the road laying on its roof. No one from emergency services had arrived but there were at least eight cars stopped and 10-12 people gathered around the car trying to help. Seeing the number of cars and people already stopped I made the split second decision to keep going and avoid being in the way.  But as I passed by I couldn’t help but wonder “Does anyone there have  first aid kit?” “Does the person in the overturned car have uncontrollable bleeding?”  “Does anyone there actually know what they are doing?” “Am I making the right decision?” I have first aid training, I keep a decent first aid kit, including 2 tourniquets in my car. Maybe I would have been useful. Then again I may have just gotten in the way at that point….I keep going back and forth.

How do you handle this type of situation? You come upon a wreck before emergency services arrive but after a decent crowd has gathered, do you keep going to avoid being another body in they way or do you stop and see if you can help?

Note: I keep a close eye on the news (local and national) and there was no mention of the accident so it’s safe to assume there were no deaths or serious injuries.


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