Is it time to stop buying more guns?

It’s automatic;  Mass shooting——politicians start talking about more gun control–people panic—–mad rush on “scary guns”—-“scary guns” sell out or prices are marked up. The most recent shooting (as of this post) in Orlando was no exception. ARs and the parts to complete AR builds are flying off the shelf, despite the fact that there’s little […]

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Don’t sink to their level

The Fox News alert came to my phone; shooting at UCLA. “Here we go again”, I thought. Just a few days later, as I awoke on a Sunday morning, a similar alert was sitting in my notification center; “Shooting in Orlando”.  Here we go again with the gun debates, the push for more (ineffective) gun […]

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SpecOp Mfg Rifle Review

Customization Before I got into guns I was into men’s suits. My magazine racks were full of GQ and other men’s fashion magazines. From 16 years of age I wanted at least one custom made suit put together specifically for me. About three years ago my want was fulfilled. I had a tailor put together […]

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